What is your favorite meal?
My favorite meal is definitely pizza. My boyfriend makes a phenomenal homemade pizza and there is just nothing as comforting or delicious as pizza any night of the week.

What do you like to do when the sun is shining?
I love to play in the sunshine! I love playing frisbee golf, going on a picnic, or going on road trips with friends!

Sweet or Salty?
Sweet all the way! I am definitely a chocoholic and love anything chocolate—dark chocolate especially.

Where were you born?
I was born in Boston, MA, but my family moved to Los Angeles when I was 5 and I lived there until college.

Drink of choice?
Probably a nice summer shandy. I love golden ales, wheat beer, and anything light and refreshing.

Favorite event you've ever worked?
I loved working the tasting because it is so amazing to see so much passion and talent come together to provide an amazing experience for our brides. I also love seeing people enjoying our food- it fuels my love for catering!