Why catering?
Variety is the component of our job that keeps things interesting and makes it challenging. Catering is an invitation to be involved in those special moments, whether a memorial reception or wedding or quarterly meeting, we are there to make the food memorable!

What makes LA gourmet catering different?
We provide fresh products that are made in our kitchen using premium ingredients and served creatively and professionally. For some, catering is a once in a lifetime experience and others place orders every day, our hope is that one event with LA Gourmet will demonstrate that you never want to throw another party without us.

How did you get here?
A dishwasher and a dream?! As sophomores in college, this company was a long term goal. We recognized that we would probably have to work apart after college and come together to create this organization that we imagined; however, we already had years of experience in hospitality and a commercial dishwasher, why wait?!? We received our degrees in Food Science and Human Nutrition from the University of Illinois in Urbana with concentrations in Hospitality Management. Our family helped us build a commercial kitchen and we slowly grew into LA Gourmet.

With your sister, huh?
We are not alike and our ideas, attitudes and preferences are evident to those around us. One’s strength covers another weakness and at the end of the day, we are family and we want to succeed together. LA Gourmet is more like working with a dozen sisters. We are a family and our success is based on maximizing our creativity and food quality!

The “L” of L.A. Gourmet, Lauren graduated from the University of Illinois’ College of ACES in 2006 and has always loved the details that are recognized in an event. Culminating experience in restaurants, catering and hotels, Lauren recognizes that it is often the “small stuff” that makes LA Gourmet events stand above the rest. From the office to the party, Lauren pulls together important moments for the clients and the guests.

The “A” of L.A. Gourmet, her initial comes second but she is the beginning and heart of LA Gourmet. A 2007 graduate of the University of Illinois’ College of ACES in Food Science and Human Nutrition, Annie knew her passion was in the hospitality industry with her first restaurant job at sixteen. She experienced all of the facets of a restaurant from hostess to the demanding task of pantry chef at a local high end restaurant and catering from server to office staff at one of the most prestigious catering firms in Dallas. Her quick wit and incredible will make LA Gourmet function on a daily basis. She is a powerhouse of innovation and is willing to take the risks necessary to make events memorable.