People: L.A. Gourmet

Featuring fresh ingredients that are prepared in a scratch kitchen, L.A. Gourmet provides the best catering in the area. Preparing meals for 15 guests to 5000, our staff would love to create an innovative meal to impress your guests and relieve your stress. L.A. Gourmet combines the area’s top event staff, incredibly creative chefs and a professional wait staff to provide an unforgettable event.

L.A. Gourmet’s kitchen is nestled on a farm, surrounded by corn and beans and our inspiration comes from the fresh qualities they inspire. Our agricultural background is evident in the hard work ethic we bring to the table for each and every client. We cherish the products we get from the land and appreciate their contribution to our line of work.

Our clients and staff are our number one priority, every day. We take great pride in knowing that our name is on the event and food and we are grateful for the people allowing us to do what we do today and every day since we opened our doors. Contact us today, as we would love to become a part of your special event.